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Looking to purchase a quality car?


Are you needing to sell your quality vehicle for a price worthy of your vehicle?


We buy cars and sell cars for cash.

Bring your car in to us and be suprised at what we offer you.

We pawn all vehicles subject to the following conditions:

1) Vehicle must be free from any debt

2) Only registered owner of the vehicle is allowed to pawn their vehicle

3) Identity document of registered owner must be available

4) The registration papers of the vehicle must be handed over with the vehicle

5) The Pawn amount may not exceed a maximum of one third of the assessed value of the vehicle

We are professional watch collectors and dealers, We buy Quality Watches Quickly and efficiently Intercontinental Trade buy and sell jewellery, gemstones, and bullion, gold coins, Kruger rands etc and also provide collateral finance to those clients that don't want to sell their jewellery, but need urgent financing Intercontinental Trade provides pawn loans against fine art, antiques and collectable memorabilia Looking to purchase a quality car? We buy cars and sell cars for cash Intercontinental Trade pledges miscellaneous items too...